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Welcome to Pilates University of contrology.


Pilates University was founded in 2016 in Seoul, Korea. This method highlights the need for Pilates teaching to go deeper with the understanding of anatomical knowledge and expertise, an area that is often overlooked in other teaching methods.

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Does this sound like you?

You have some pilates experience and you want to deepen your practice

You’re keen to start teaching Pilates as a side hustle or even as a full time job

You have no experience in Pilates but want to start learning

You want to be able to offer private classes to clients and help them with their goals

then pilates university is for you.


Pilates University was founded in 2016 in Seoul, Korea, by Hyejin Kim and Younglan Joo.  

Younglan Joo was a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist before she started her Pilates journey. After feeling noticeable benefits in her hip with the practice, she began to pursue Pilates as a career. Soon after, she created Minimal Pilates, a studio focused on researching and developing programs to give maximum effect from minimal motion.

Hyejin Kim worked as a hospital physiotherapist and her patients with musculoskeletal disorders often asked: “How many times do I need to receive treatment to be free from pain?” She realised that the best treatment doesn’t just aim to remove pain, but should improve functional movement in order to resolve the root cause of the pain. Becoming a Pilates instructor gave her the tools to teach people this therapeutic exercise. She created Why Pilates with the personal mission to help people understand “why” Pilates is such a good form of exercise.

They worked together at the same Pilates instructors training centre for a long time and realised that while the number of Pilates instructors increases every year, the industry lacked instructors with anatomical knowledge and expertise and this is how Pilates University came about.

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LOCATION: O:RIN Studio, 20 Westlands RD


Second batch (Jan 2022) waitlist will be enrolled first.


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orin pilates career

All graduates of Pilates University Hong Kong will be considered a teaching position at O:RIN (depending on personal performance)

A small class size will ensure you get all the support and training you need from the Master Trainer

Pilates University was created by two amazing women who started their careers as physiotherapists

Unlike many Pilates courses which go on for months and sometimes a year, you will be certified within 4 months

pilates teacher training

You will not just be practising on your classmates, but also on real clients who have different fitness goals

pilates careers hk

Depending on personal performance, it is expected that you will make a return on your investment within 3-6 months of teaching

kathleen lee pilates instructor



Kathleen holds a Pilates certification from Modern Pilates and now has been part of countless trainings in Korea and Hong Kong. She is currently a Pilates instructor at O:RIN and is also a certified Pilates educator from Pilates University.

Just as Joseph Pilates first created the exercise for rehabilitation, body stabilization and balance are at the core of her teaching. With that, her objective is to educate and cultivate new instructors who can view Pilates the same way as herself.


Jan 15 | 4 – 10pm |  Anatomy

Jan 22 | 5 – 6pm | Anatomy Exam

Feb 05 | 4 – 10pm | Pre-Pilates

Feb 12 | 4 – 10pm | Theory and History

Feb 19 | 3 – 10pm | Alignment + Quiz 

Feb 26 | 4 – 10pm | Introduction of Equipment

Mar 05 | 4 – 10pm | Equipment

Mar 12 | 3 – 10pm | Teaching Skills + Quiz

Mar 19 | 4 – 10pm | Small Props

Mar 26 | 4 – 10pm | Group class teaching and feedback

Apr 02 | 4 – 10pm | Midterm

Apr 09 | 4 – 10pm | Posture

Apr 16 | 4 – 10pm | Bad Postures

Apr 23 | 3 – 10pm | Assessment + Quiz

Apr 30 | 4 – 10pm | Programming and Teaching Skill

May 07 | 9 – 6pm | Programming and Teaching by Posture

May 14 | 3 – 10pm | Case Study

May 21 | 4 – 10pm | Wrap Up

Jun 18 | Final Exam (Written + Practice)

Please note that module structure may change slightly based on situation.


We’re here to answer all your questions and make you feel welcome.

If you don’t see your answer below, feel free to chat to us!

No you don’t need to have experience in Pilates to join PU.

We accept cash (at O:RIN studio), cheque, bank transfer

Yes anyone who passes the final exam will receive a certificate

You need to attend more than 90% of the course to take exam.

If not, there will be an extra fee for you to go over the missing parts with the instructor one on one ($750/hour)

Yes this certification is recognised worldwide.

Yes, as long as your physical ability is not limited by your injury to perform the exercises in class. We would recommend that you contact us or leave a comment on your application so we can further advise.

No meals will be provided, only snacks and water. 

find us at:

Unit 6, 19/F, Westlands Centre
20 Westlands Road
Quarry Bay, HK

(Quarry Bay Station Exit A, Taikoo station Exit D1)

852 5726 1669